Sauces Unlike Any Others

Sauces Unlike Any Others

Fresh ingredients prepared by hand and cooked in small batches. That’s the Monsters in Heat way.

Many hot sauce companies mix stuff together, stir it up, heat it enough to sterilize and then bottle it in large quantities. We think that makes a lame sauce. Sure it may have heat but that’s easy. Anyone can throw some hot peppers in a bottle.

Many companies start out small and then hope one day to move to a co-packer who will make their recipes. We’ll never do that either. What about character? Grandma didn’t make a bajillion gallons or pounds of her family recipes. Things change when you scale up like that. We take pride in what we make and will always make Monsters in Heat in-house. Sometimes if you want things done right you have to do it yourself.

We do things the hard way. The old fashioned way. We’re like grandma without the silver hair. We cook our sauces like they’re really sauces and not just a quick and dirty condiment. But you can use them quick and dirty!

Splash some on your food and take it to the next level.

Flavor Profiles vs Heat 

Rather than heat as the differentiator of our sauces we use flavor. But there is still more than enough heat!


Monsters in Heat Loup Garou Hot Sauce- Available Now!

Savory and deep flavors. Green peppers, onions, and celery with aged cayenne pepper mash and fresh habaneros. Best paired with meat, eggs, and cheese.


Monsters in Heat Xtabay Hot Sauce – Coming Fall 2019

Fresh habanero pepper is what this one is all about. The hottest of our sauces. Sweet baby carrots with tart lime, onions, fiery fresh habanero, and aged orange habanero mash to add some complexity. Can be mixed with the other two to increase the heat. Pairs well with chicken, fish, eggs.


Monsters in Heat Garuda Hot Sauce  – Coming Winter 2019

Sweet and Sour. Sweet pineapple, bright lemongrass,  fresh serrano, and aged green habanero mash. Pairs well with fish, chicken, and is surprisingly awesome on vanilla ice cream!